Caledonian Philatelic Society


110th Anniversary

2016 marked the 110th Anniversary of the founding of the Caledonian Philatelic Society in 1906. The Society hosted the Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies at the Dewar’s Centre in Perth on April 15 and 16, 2016. Many different activities took place over the year as part of these Celebrations.

As is traditional many members exhibited samples of the wide collecting interests at the Host Society display. There was an opportunity to purchase souvenir covers and cards of events which shared the anniversary. King Robert II of Scotland was born in Paisley in 1316 while King James VI of Scotland and I of England was born in Edinburgh in 1566. Therefore their 700th and 450th Anniversaries occur in 2016. A cover showing images of Robert, Mary Queen of Scots and James VI/I was available for purchase and serviced covers were available after the Congress. A postcard celebrating the contribution of the King James Bible to the English language with a number of well-known sayings on the image side was also produced.

Dr Stewart Gardiner compiled a book entitled “Philatelic Witnesses to the Great War” (further detail is presented on the Publications page). This book reflected the fact that philatelists are responsible for accumulating items which throw light on aspects of the war which might otherwise be lost. Postcards and letters as well as patriotic labels are some examples of the material which is involved. Some of this material was exhibited at the Goethe Institute in Park Circus Glasgow during November and December 2015.

Joan Trew also produced a specially commissioned display which charted some of the events which happened during the latter part of the dynasty and events such as the Gunpowder Plot were illustrated by stamps and covers.