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The Caledonian Philatelic Society runs a number of philatelic competitions to encourage members to develop research and upgrade the presentation of their collections. The competitions are geared towards both the new and also the experienced philatelist. It is an ideal opportunity for the less experienced collector to gain initial experience of what is required for competition and exhibiting.

Competitions are held on an annual basis. For each trophy a list of the winners is shown. Where there are missing years there were no entrants.

Many of the club’s more eminent philatelists have gone on to win prizes at National and International level - club competition was their starting point. In addition to comments from the judge, fellow members will be pleased to provide advice, tips and encouragement. The rules of the various competitions are outlined below or can be obtained from the Secretary.

Competition Rules

The following trophies are awarded to the winners of the Society’s annual competitions. The entries for these competitions are judged by two ABPS accredited judges, who are not members of the Society. Entries are judged before the Competition night and feedback is provided to the entrants on that night. The criteria for each completion class is based on those of the Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies (ASPS) and more detail and extracts from ASPS rules and guidance on the requirements is shown under each trophy description.

To see the details of each category and rules as well as lists of previous winners click on the links below.

  1. Frank Brown Rose Bowl
  2. Fairbairn Salver
  3. Jean M. Campbell Trophy
  4. Merrylees Trophy
  5. Bill Colley Trophy
  6. Julia MacLeod Trophy
  7. Cinderella Trophy
  8. Rules applicable to the above competitions
  9. Submission of entries
  10. The President’s Cup
  11. Rules for the President’s Cup Competition
  12. The Caledonian Rose Bowl

Frank Brown Rose Bowl

General or specialised collections of stamps issued before 1st January 1940.

Year Winner
1960 A. Harrold
1961 J. S. Merrylees
1962 S. Graham Hoey
1963 W. Thomson
1964 J. S. Merryleees
1965 A. McMiillan
1966 G. Saville Smith
1967 J. W. Fairbairn
1968 S. Graham Hoey
1969 Ms. Janet T. Cameron
1970 A. Harrold
1971 S. F. Gilmour
1972 T. Cowell
1973 J. S. Merrylees
1974 S. Graham Hoey
1975 G. C. Buchanan
1976 I. L. Evans
1977 I. M. Dyce
1978 G. C. Buchanan
1980 D. Woolley
1981 A. Baird
1982 D. Woolley
1983 W. Colley
1984 G. MacKenzie
1985 S. Graham Hoey
1986 W. Spalding
1987 C. Y. Reid
1988 D. P. Robinson
1989 D. P. Robinson
1991 W. Colley
1992 S. Gardiner
1993 T. J. Woods
1994 C. Y. Reid
1995 W. Colley
1996 S. Gardiner
1997 Mrs M. I. Morris
1998 C. Y. Reid
1999 S. Gardiner
2000 T. J. Woods
2001 I. D. Smith
2002 C. Y. Reid
2003 C. Y. Reid
2004 C. Y. Reid
2006 I. D. Smith
2007 W. A. King
2008 S. Gardiner
2009 C. G. Breddy
2010 I. L. Evans
2011 S. Gardiner
2013 G. Henshilwood
2014 G. Henshilwood
2015 A. G. Blakeley
2016 G. Henshilwood
2017 G. Henshilwood
2018 G. Henshilwood
2019 S. Gardiner
2020 G.Henshilwood
2023 G.Henshilwood

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Fairbairn Salver

General or specialised collections of stamps issued on or after 1st January 1940.

For both of these trophies material can be specialized or non-specialized and can include studies, proofs and essays. It can also include fiscal, revenue and other non-postal stamps, (experimental, locals, telegtaphs etc.). For the purposes of this competition these latter items are defined as material not recognised for the international transmission of mail but accepted as being used locally or generally for the transmission of messages and packages, e.g. local, railway or telegraph or for the collection of non-postal revenue.

Year Winner
1972 J. S. Merrylees
1973 Muriel G. Wilson
1974 G. Norman Smith
1975 T. G. R. Erskine
1976 W. Colley
1978 W. Colley
1980 I. D. Smith
1981 I. D. Smith
1982 S. Graham Hoey
1983 I. D. Smith
1984 J. A. Forshaw
1985 A. j. Taylor
1988 P. McGowan
1989 C. Y. Reid
1992 I. D. Smith
1994 I. M. Dyce
1995 W. Spalding
1996 I. D. Smith
1997 I. D. Smith
2001 I. D. Smith
2002 I. D. Smith
2003 I. D. Smith
2004 I. D. Smith
2006 S. K. Hunter
2007 S. Gardiner
2008 C. Moffat
2009 Rev. J. C. Caskie
2013 A. j. Kerr
2014 A. J. Kerr
2015 G. Henshilwood
2016 D. Stalker
2019 G. Henshilwood
2020 D. Stalker
2023 D. Stalker

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Jean M. Campbell Trophy

Postal History including pre-adhesives, used stamps and postal history, postal markings, cancellations etc.. Mint stamps and unused postal stationery are not normally included.

Entries in this class can include items on rates and routes and studies of markings and marcophily (the specialised study and collection of postmarks, cancellations and postal markings applied by hand or machine).

Year Winner
1971 J. S. Merrylees
1972 J. W. Fairburn
1973 G. C. Buchanan
1974 Mrs J. T. Cameron
1975 S. N. Gardiner
1976 T. Cowell
1977 A. Baird
1978 I. L. Evans
1980 R. C. Welland
1981 D. Woolley
1982 I. M. Dyce
1983 T. j. Woods
1984 T. j. Woods
1985 I. T. Boyle
1986 W. Colloey
1987 C. Breddy
1988 D. P. Robinson
1989 C. Y. Reid
1990 C. Y. Reid
1991 P. McGowan
1992 W. Colley
1993 I. M. Dyce
1994 C. Y. Reid
1995 D. P. Robinson
1996 T. J. Woods
1997 D. P. Robinson
1998 C. y. Reid
1999 S. N. Gardiner
2000 A. D. MacCalman
2001 T. J. Woods
2002 T. J. Woods
2003 I. L. Evans
2004 I. M. Dyce
2005 j. Morgan
2006 I. L. Evans
2007 I. L. Evans
2008 W. Colley
2009 S. N. Gardiner
2010 I. L. Evans
2011 S. N. Gardiner
2012 I. L. Evans
2013 I. M. Evans
2014 A. G. Blakeley
2015 T. J. Woods
2016 A. G. Blakeley
2017 S. N. Gardiner
2018 S. N. Gardiner
2019 S. N. Gardiner
2020 A. G. Blakeley
2023 G. Henshilwood

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Merrylees Trophy

Study of a subject or theme as depicted on stamps and other philatelic material.

Year Winner
1971 T. Cowell
1972 Mrs M. I. Morris
1973 Mrs J. T. Cameron
1974 Mrs M. I. Morris
1975 G. R. Miller
1976 J. S. Merrylees
1977 A. Baird
1978 Mrs A. M. Kilpatrick
1980 A. Fraser
1981 G. R. Miller
1982 K. E. Norris
1983 I. D. Smith
1984 W. Colley
1985 Miss J. H. Trew
1986 Miss J. H. Trew
1987 P. MacGowan
1989 Miss J. H. Trew
1990 K. E. Norris
1992 Miss J. H. Trew
1993 Miss J. H. Trew
1994 K. E. Norris
1995 B. R. Allan
1996 Miss J. h. Trew
1997 I. D. Smith
1998 Mrs M. I. Morris
1999 J. G. Forsyth
2000 R. Walker
2001 I. D. Smith
2002 I. D. Smith
2003 I. D. Smith
2004 Mrs M. I. Morris
2005 I. D. Smith
2006 I. D. Smith
2008 Mrs M. Matheson
2009 J. Gavin
2011 Mrs M. i. Morris
2012 Rev. J. C. Caskie
2013 G. Henshilwood
2014 G. Henshilwood
2015 G. Henshilwood
2016 G. Henshilwood
2017 G. Henshilwood
2018 G. Henshilwood
2019 G. Henshilwood
2020 G. Henshilwood
2023 G. Henshilwood

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Bill Colley Trophy

Study of philately prepared for and conveyed by airmail, whether official or unofficial. Exhibits which consist solely of airmail stamps will also be judged in this class.

Year Winner
2018 A. Blakeley
2019 A. Black
2020 A. Black

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Julia MacLeod Trophy

Picture postcards depicting a subject or theme.

An exhibit can have a geographical (topographical) treatment, including for example illustrations from a place or an area. It can also be developed thematically. An event may be shown as a form of reportage, or the exhibit may have the photographer, the artist, or the printer as the topic. Original thinking and creativity may also lead to different treatments of an exhibit.

The size, shape and material of the Picture Postcards may vary. The emphasis is on the picture, and not on the use or philatelic peculiarities (if present). Picture Postcards may be unused or used (sent through a mail system). Unused Picture Postcards should have printed address lines, stamp box, or other such markings, showing that the item was intended to be sent without cover.

Year Winner
2014 J. W. Kirkpatrick
2015 R. Walker
2016 J. C. MacLeod
2017 Mrs M I. Morris
2018 P. McGowan
2019 R. Walker
2020 R. Walker
2023 T. Woods

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Cinderella Trophy (Sam Sankus Trophy)

This may include local stamps, telegraph stamps, railway stamps, revenues/fiscals, forgeries, bogus and phantom issues. Christmas, Red Cross, TB and other charity seals, registration labels, advertisement and exhibition labels etc.

However, things such as trade, cigarette and telephone cards (unless the image of a stamp is incorporated in the design), matchbox or cheese labels, aerial propaganda leaflets, and other forms of ephemera like emergency money are not considered as Cinderella items for this purpose.

Year Winner
2023 S. Gardiner

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Rules applicable to the above competitions

  1. Only Society members may enter.
  2. No less than 8 and no more than 16 sheets are required.
  3. No more than one entry per member per competition is permissible.
  4. Two ABPS accredited judges, who are not members of the Society, shall be appointed by the Committee. Entries will be judged before the Competition night but the judges will provide feedback is provided to the entrants on that night.
  5. The judges shall have the power to allocate marks to each entry as they see fir and their decision shall be final. Awards may be withheld if the best entry fails to meet an acceptable standard.
  6. No entry that has previously received an award is eligible for competition.

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Submission of entries

There are no entry forms. All that is required is the submission of entries to the Secretary on or before the last Society meeting in January, unless otherwise indicated at Society meetings.

Members are encouraged to look at the rules and advice provided by ASPS with a view to entering competitions at that level.

See (National Exhibition - Advice to Exhibitors) which provides useful advice for creating exhibits even if you are only interested in entering the Society competitions.

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The President’s Cup

This is awarded to the best competition entry of no less than 16 sheets by a member who has not previously won an award in Society competitions (including this cup). All relevant entries to all competitions will automatically be considered for this award. An award will only be made if there is an entry of an acceptable standard.

Year Winner
2021 I.M Winner

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Rules for the President’s Cup Competition

General rules 1, 2 and 3 above apply.

  1. Judging will be carried out by members present on Competition Night.
  2. The award may be withheld if none of the entries are of sufficient merit.
  3. An entry which has received this award shall not again be eligible for this competition, but may be entered in subsequent years for one of the other Society Trophies.

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The Caledonian Rose Bowl

The Caledonian Rose Bowl is awarded each year for the best display given to the Society by a Society Member. Judging of displays will be made by the immediate past President and two other member of the Society. Eligibility for this award can be either a full display (2 rounds) or a half display (1 round).

Year Winner Title of display
1960 J. S. Merrylees Early France
1961 A. McMillan Antarctica
1962 C. E. Kinners Early Austria
1963 W. R. Rae Wildlife
1964 G. Saville Smith Ireland
1965 E. S. C. Lauder South Africa
1966 Herman H. Hirst Palestine
1967 I. Smillie Rhodesia
1968 C. S. Taylor India
1969 J. D. Todd Chile
1970 S. R. MacKenzie Early Switzerland
1971 J. D. Todd Gold Coast
1972 J. S. Merrylees Latvia
1973 J. W. Fairburn New Zealand
1974 S. Gilmour Scottish Postal History
1975 J. S. Merrylees 300 Years Great Britain
1976 Herman H. Hirst Middle East
1977 E. Morris 100 Years Penny Stamp
1978 H. Moreton Black Bahamas
1979 Mrs M. I. Morris Man and the Whale
1980 C. N. Richardson Balloon Mail
1981 R. Beith Scottish Air Mails
1982 S. R. MacKenzie Highlands Postal History
1983 G. C. Buchanan Military Mail
1984 D. Woolley Railway Postal History
1985 A. Baird Austria
1986 S. R. MacKenzie Switzerland
1987 C. G. Breddy British Levant
1988 G. MacKenzie Glasgow Postal History
1989 H. S. H. Bidmead French Postal History
1990 Alex Greer The Wallacce papers
1991 D. Woolley Scottish Railway Postal History
1992 I. M. Dyce Straits Settlements
1993 D. Robiinson British Oversaes Mail
1994 J. A. Brown Ceylon
1995 S Sankus SA Civil War
1996 S. G. Hoey Bahamas
1997 Mrs M. I. Morris Iceland
1998 A. Forbes Australia
1999 T. J. Woods Chile
2000 W. Neithercut Airmails to Dutch East Indies
2001 R. Beith Free Czech Forces
2002 R. Walker The Sahara
2003 Alex Greer Renfrewshire Postal History
2004 W. Colley Africa Par Avion
2005 I. M. dyce Mail from Eastern Seas
2006 D. Woolley Newspapers and the Post
2007 G. Shepherd American Civil War
2008 C. G. Breddy The Martians have Landed
2009 A. T. Wishart Tsarist Russia
2010 I. L. Evans Two Queens
2011 Mrs M. I. Morris An international Peaceful Science
2012 W. Colley East Africa in W. W. II
2013 Miss j. Trew Classical Music
2014 R. Watt MilitariaR
2015 S. R. MacKenzie 70 Years a Member
2016 S. Gardiner A Tour Round Africa
2017 D. A. Cumming Aspects of Argentina
2018 S. Gardiner A Victorian Phenomenon
2019 S. Gardiner The Levant

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