Caledonian Philatelic Society

Congress Covers


Hosting of the Congress in 1972 tied in with the 125th Anniversary of the Caledonian Railway. A Postcard is shown of Locomotive 419 which was built in 1907 and was specially taken to Stirling Station where it could be viewed on the day of the Congress. The card was carried on the Loco on the day. Cachets in black and red tie in with the First and Second Class postage stamps applied.

1972 Congress cover Black cachet

1972 Congress cover Red cachet

Railway Loco

Railway ticket


Congress in 1981 celebrated the Centenary of the Amalgamation of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in 1881. One of the covers and the Air Letter were dropped from a balloon and have a “Mail Drop” cachet.

1981 Cover

1981 Cover with Mail Drop Cachet

1981 Insert

1981 Air Letter

1981 Air Letter

1981 Air Letter


Congress in 1996 celebrated the 90th anniversary of the Caledonian Philatelic Society. With it’s links to Strathclyde University the 200th Anniversary of the founding of Anderson’s Institution - the progenitor of the University, is also celebrated.

1996 Cover

1996 Insert


2016 was a special year for the Caledonian Philatelic Society and hosting of Congress tied in with the Society’s 100th anniversary year As a theme the 700th Anniversary of the birth of Robert II, the first of the Stewart Dynasty, is remembered with two inserts providing backgrouind information on the Stewarts.

Congress Cover

Congress cover

Insert with sayings from King James Authorised Bible

Insert 1

Insert with history of The House of Stewart/Stuart

Insert 2