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Current Syllabus / Advice for visiting speakers

Syllabi for the last 8 years of meetings at the Caledonian Philatelic Society are shown below. A quick perusal of the titles of the displays will show the wide diversity of subjects that have been displayed. Many of the displays are by eminent philatelists, not only from within the Society, but from elsewhere in Scotland and Great Britain. There are many displays by Fellows of the Royal Philatelic Society of London (FRPSL) which enhances the standing and high esteem that the Caledonian Philatelic Society has in Philatelic Circles. Each year there are evenings devoted to short displays by members and there are the regular features such as Competition Night, the Bourse and Annual Auction.

2020 - 2021

Date Subject Member
Oct 8 The President Entertains Alistair Burrow
Oct 22 William Tell Georg L Henshilwood
Oct 29 Tobago Dr Stewart Gardiner
Nov 12 Alphabet Lottery Part 1 “A” to “M” Members
Nov 26 Design Errors on New Zealand Stamps Dr David Stalker
Dec 10 Christmas Meeting Bring your own wine and mince pies and a short (maximum 8 page) display
Jan 14 The Committee Entertains Committee Members
Jan 21 Lighthouses of the Faroe Islands Brian Hague
Feb 02 The Pacific Steam Navigation Company Mike Roberts FRPSL
Feb 04 Hurtigruten Dr Brian Dow
Feb 21 A Philatelic Dabbler’s Favourite Pages Dr Stewart Gardiner FRPSL
Feb 18 South Georgia Hugh Osborne FRPSL
Feb 25 Postal History of Hull Robert McMillan FRPSL
Mar 04 The 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee John Davies FRPSL
Mar 11 The 1972 Olympic Torch Run Keith Burton FPRSL
Mar 18 Labuan Jon Higgins FRPSL
Mar 25 The Life and Times of Ahmed, Shah of Persia, 1909 - 1925 Nigel Gooch FRPSL
Apr 01 King George VI Daphne McMillan FRPSL
Apr 08 Early Stamps from the Colony of Canada 1847 - 1868 Graham Searle
Apr 15 Alphabet Lottery Part 2: N to Z Members
Apr 22 Cook Islands George L Henshilwood
Apr 29 Postcards, postcards, postcards Graham Winters FRPSL
May 13 Wings over ice Kim Stuckley FRPSL
May 27 Fiji Andy Napier
Jun 10 Monte Rosa - Empire Windrush Harry Jackson
Jun 24 AGM “By whatever means”
Jul 29 “Summer Meeting No. 1”  
Aug 19 “Summer Meeting No. 2”  
Sep 16 “Summer Meeting No. 3”  

2019 - 2020

Date Subject Member
Oct 3 President’s Night Dr David Stalker
Oct 10 Trees and Timber Sandy Forbes FRPSL
Oct 17 Netherlands - the development of the posts 1850-1920 Philip Longbottom FRPSL
Oct 24 The Development of the Lanarkshire Post Terry Woods
Oct 31 Ladies Night Sponsored by Maureen Mathieson
Nov 7 The Two Sides of New Zealand’s Sidefaces Paul Wreglesworth FRPSL
Nov 14 Bourse Sponsored by John Gavin
Nov 21 Some Postal History from Europe Alan Wishart FRPSL
Nov 28 Alphabet Lottery Sponsored by Colin Breddy
Dec 5 Visit by Stirling and District Philatelic Society  
Dec 12  Christmas Evening Sponsored by Raymond Baldock
Jan 9 Committee Entertains Sponsored by Alistair Burrow
Jan 16 Glasgow Postal History Bob Barclay
Jan 23 A Science Night Sponsored by Lyn Robinson
Jan 30 GB Three Kings - EDVII, GV and GVI Dr Stewart Gardiner FRPSL
Feb 6 Commerce in the Post Ron Goodfellow
Feb 13 Competition Night  
Feb 20 The Monumental French - France Remembers Russell Walker
Feb 27 Auction  
Mar 5 Visit by Dundee Philatelic Society  
Mar 12 Goats and butterflies Graham Winters FRPSL
Mar 19 Indian Mutiny Max Smith
Apr 2 AGM  

2018 - 2019

Date Subject Member
Oct President’s Night George Henshilwood
Oct 11 Denmark - Moving the Mails Peter Rooke
Oct 18 Rhodesia after UDI and Zimbabwe Charles Lloyd
Oct 25 Bourse Sponsored by John Gavin
Nov 1 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Dr David Spence and Willie King FRPSL
Nov 8 Parachuting Barry Stagg
Nov 15 Swiss Censored Mail Alison Kilpatrick
Nov 22 Alphabet Lottery Sponsored by Lyn Robinson
Nov 29 The Levant Dr Stewart Gardiner FRPSL
Dec 6 Visit by Falkirk and District Stamp and Postcard Club  
Dec 13 Christmas Evening Sponsored by Raymond Baldock
Jan 10 Committee Entertains Sponsored by Dr David Stalker
Jan 17 A Taste of Netherlands and Colonies Paul McGowan and Ray Welland
Jan 24 A Counterblast to Tobacco Alex Walker
Jan 31 Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914 - 1919 Neil Ritchie
Feb 7 Registered Mail of Scotland 1841 - 1940 Dr Ian Evans
Feb 14 Competition Night  
Feb 21 Postal History of Canada including Transatlantic Mail Graham Searle
Feb 28 Auction  
Mar 7 Netherlands in WWI and WWII Far East Michael Cooke and Iain Dyce
Mar 14 Aspects of Ceylon Graham Winters FRPSL
Mar 21 Aotearoa Unwrapped Elizabeth Nairn
Apr 4 AGM  

2017 - 2018

Date Subject Member
Oct 5 President’s Night  Sandy Kerr
Oct 12 Flags on Stamps Robert Murray
Oct 19 Polar Philately Richard Hinde
Oct 26 Alphabet Lottery Sponsored by Lyn Robinson
Nov 2 Bourse Sponsored by John Gavin
Nov 9 Visit by Glasgow Philatelic Society  
Nov 16 Ladies Choice Sponsored by Elizabeth Nairn
Nov 23 South Australia Sandy Forbes FRPSL
Nov 30 Latin America/Chile Martyn Cusworth
Dec 7 NE of Scotland Postal History Bruce Walker
Dec 14 Christmas Evening Sponsored by Raymond Baldock
Jan 11 Committee Entertains Sponsored by George Henshilwood
Jan 18 Straits Settlements Bill Shand
Jan 25 Visit by Alba Stamp Group  
Feb 1 Competition Night  
Feb 8 Iraq Gary Cheyne
Feb 15 Messages on the Post - a Victorian Phenomenon Dr Stewart Gardiner FRPSL
Feb 22 “Glasgow belongs to Me” Dr Ian Evans
Mar 1 Auction  
Mar 8 Early Aviation Dr Bob Clark
Mar 15 Greenland George Henshilwood
Mar 22 Alcohol on Postcards and Harry Lauder David and Marjorie Mekie
Apr 5 AGM  

2016 - 2017

Date Subject Member
Oct 6 President’s Night  Dr David A Cumming
Oct 13 Clyde Coast Postal History Hans Smith FRPSL
Oct 20 Balloon Mail and Alsace Dr Peter Brand
Oct 27 Zanzibar Roy Wickham
Nov 3 Visit by Edinburgh Philatelic Society  
Nov 10 Members’ “Alphabet” 1 Frame Displays Sponsored by Sandy Kerr
Nov 17 Perthshire Postal History Dr Brian Dow
Nov 24 Ladies Night Sponsored by Elizabeth Nairn
Dec 1 Bourse Sponsored by John Gavin
Dec 8 A Duo of Doctors Dr Ian Evans and Dr Stewart Gardiner FRPSL
Dec 15 Christmas Party and NZ Christmas Stamps Display Dr David Stalker
Jan 5 Committee Entertains Sponsored by Sandy Kerr
Jan 12 West Africa Ian Anderson
Jan 19 Pharaonic Egypt Kenneth Matheson
Jan 26 Canada Alan Blakeley and George Henshilwood
Feb 2 Estonia Raymond Baldock
Feb 9 Double Franked Postal Stationery Chad Neighbor
Feb 16 Competition Night  
Feb 23 Micronesia Murray Touche
Mar 2 Falklands Islands Geoffrey Barber
Mar 9 Auction  
Mar 16 Visit by Ayrshire Philatelic Society  
Mar 23 American War of Independence Robert Catto 
Apr 6 AGM  

2015 - 2016

Date Subject Member
Oct 1 President’s Night  Elsie Miller
Oct 8 Auction - G Buchanan Philatelic Books  
Oct 15 The Boer War David Haig
Oct 22 Victoria Cross Jack Murray
Oct 29 Poles Apart Dr Brian Dow
Nov 5 Bourse  
Nov 12 Miscellany Gordon Shepherd
Nov19 German East Africa Mike Darrant FRPSL
Nov 26 South Georgia and its Postal History Wilf Vevers FRPSL
Dec 3 Novelty Postcards Ken Norris FRPSL
Dec 10 Christmas Evening Sponsored by Raymond Baldock
Jan 7 Committee Entertains Sponsored by Dr David A Cumming
Jan 14 A Thematic Look at Paris/at Religion Bill Russell
Jan 21 Tour Round Africa Dr Stewart Gardiner FRPSL
Jan 28 Modern British Postal History 1952 - 1971 John Sussex RDP FRPSL
Feb 4 Vistit by Lanarkshire Philatelic Society  
Feb 11 Competition Night  
Feb 18 Stained Glass Joan Trew
Feb 25 The Scottish Soldier Gary Cheyne
Mar 3 Auction  
Mar 10 An Encounter with Cinderella Don Millington
Mar 17 Papua New Guinea Jean Osborne
Apr 7 AGM  

2014 - 2015

Date Subject Member
Oct 2 President’s Night - World War I Miscellany  Ray Welland
Oct 9 Poster Stamps and Local Posts Dr Stewart Gardiner FRPSL
Oct 16 Deutsche Lufthansa Service to South America 1934 - 1939 Geoff Reynolds
Oct 23 Netherlands - 1940 Konijnenburg Issue, The Ottoman Post Office in Smyrna John W Jackson FRPSL and Michael J Fulford FRPSL
Oct 30 Commerce in the Post (Part 2) Ron Goodfellow
Nov 6 Bourse  
Nov 13 WWI From both sides of the Conflict Andrew Brooks
Nov 20 Visit by Falkirk Philatelic Society  
Nov 27 Spain Dr Ian Evans
Dec 4 Towards Congres2 1 Sponsored by Paul McGowan
Dec 11 Christmas Evening Sponsored by Raymond Baldock
Jan 8 Committee Entertains Sponsored by Elsie Miller
Jan 15 Travel Broadens the Mind? Sponsored by Elizabeth Nairn
Jan 22 Medicine on Stamps Michael Cleary
Jan 29 Visit by Glasgow Philatelic Society  
Feb 5 European Pre-stamp Miscellany Alan Wishart FRPSL
Feb 12 Competition Night  
Feb 19 Black Gold Coiln Campbell
Feb 26 Philatelic Sidelines Sponsored by Dr David A Cumming
Mar 5 Auction  
Mar 12 70 Years a Member Stuart R Mackenzie
Mar 19 British Censorship of Civilian Mails in WWI Graham Mark
Apr 9 AGM  

2013 - 2014

Date Subject Member
Oct 3 President’s Night - History through Philately  Lyn Robinson
Oct 10 Fortress in the North David Kindley FRPSL
Oct 17 Militaria Robert Watt
Oct 24 Needlemakers Chris Jackson
Oct 31 The Scots in South Australia - Postal & Social History to 1900. Pat Grimwood-Taylor
Nov 7 Bourse Sponsored by John Gavin
Nov 14 Switzerland John Law
Nov 21 A to Z of philately Alex Walker
Nov 28 New to the Caley Sponsored by David Cumming
Dec 5 A Shining Inheritance Ellen Currie
Dec 12 Christmas Evening Sponsored by Raymond Baldock
Jan 9 Committee Entertains  
Jan 16 Visit from Lanarkshire PS  
Jan 23 Doctors’ Dilemma Dr Stewart Gardiner FRPSL and Dr Ian Evans
Jan 30 Ladies Night Sponsored by Margaret Morris FRPSL
Feb 6 Scottish Architecture Sandy Forbes FRPSL
Feb 13 Competition Night  
Feb 20 Visit from Paisley PS  
Feb 27 Concorde Val Beeken
Mar 6 Auction  
Mar 13 Britannia - War and Peace Michael Rennie
Mar 20 Early Scottish Letters with an Edinburgh Miscellany Malcolm Fenning.
Apr 3 AGM  

2012 - 2013

Date Subject Member
Oct 4 President’s Night  John Gavin
Oct 11 Friends United Elizabeth Nairn
Oct 18 No meeting. Perth 2012 National Exhibition starts on 19th - Members are encouraged to attend this national Event at Dewar’s Centre  
Oct 25 German Occupation of the Channel Islands Gerald Mariner FRPSL
Nov 1 Visit from Alba Stamp Group  
Nov 8 Bourse Sponsored by Bill Neithercut
Nov 15 Titanic Robert Preston
Nov 22 Safety at Sea Mrs Sheila Sinclair
Nov 29 Olympic Games Jack Murray
Dec 6 Concorde Val Beeken
Dec 13 Christmas Evening Sponsored by Raymond Baldock
Jan 10 Offfice Bearers’ Delights - Committee Entertains  
Jan 17 A Bit of That Dr Ian Evans
Jan 24 A Bit of the Other Dr Stewart Gardiner FRPSL
Jan 31 The Incomplete and utter history of Classical Music Miss Joan Trew
Feb 7 A Shining Inheritance Ellen Currie
Feb 14 Competition Night  
Feb 21 Another Bloody Railway (Hong Kong Mail vie the Trans Siberian Railway) Peter Pugh
Feb 28 Everyday France Dr David Wooley
Mar 7 Auction  
Mar 14 Visit from Largs and District Stamp Club  
Mar 21 Scottish Banking and the Lottery John Baron
Apr 11 AGM